How to get a free domain? 

When you take advantage of MasterIntegrator services for the first time, you have the option of obtaining a top-level domain for free and using it for one year. Let's see how to do that! 

You can choose a domain for free once you get a "Workspace" or "Wix" subscription.  

As soon as you receive an email that confirms your purchase, you should come back to your Console and go to the Domains list.  

There is also an alternative of navigating to the Team section if you've purchased a "Workspace" subscription where you need to press the "Get your Free Domain" button. 


Once you see the search bar, you can type a desired domain name to get it. 


There is also the "Similar Domain Choices" option with alternatives close to the one you want.  

After choosing a domain, please press the "Get" button to activate your selection.  

Please note: 

  • This offer works only after your first purchase. So, if you decide to buy a new subscription to any other services, you won't have a free domain option; 
  • You can choose a domain only from the available ones;  
  • You will have a domain for one year. Then you need to pay for its renewal; 

 Here you are! We hope you enjoy using your domain! Contact us if you have any questions!