How to get a trial subscription? 

We at MasterIntegrator encourage our clients to benefit from a trial subscription before purchasing. During its use, you'll be able to understand whether our services are handy for you. 

What is a trial subscription? 

trial subscription is an offer to use services for free during a time limit 

How does a trial subscription work? 

This offer works in a way that you subscribe to specific services and can use them for free for some timeIf you cancel your subscription during the trial versionyou won't be charged. 

Trial offer at MasterIntegrator 

Once you decide to make your first purchase, you will have the option of getting a trial subscription for 30 days. Using it, you can benefit from Workspace Starter. Follow the link to read more about the benefits  â€śWhich Workspace plan to choose” 


To get a 30-day trial, please go to the Pricing page and click on the “Free trial” button.  

At once, you will be directed to the page that asks you to find your domain. That’s needed to set up an email and a Google Workspace account for your business. 

If you don’t know how to choose a perfect domain name, please read our article on domains  â€śHow to choose a domain”.  

Enter a domain name that you want to have and make it yours. 

Please note that even though you get a 30-day Workspace trial, you still should pay for a domain name without which you won’t be able to create a business email. Click on the “Checkout” button to proceed with payment.  

You’ve successfully subscribed and now you can click on the â€śStart” button to set up your Google Workspace. 

Pleasefill in your contact and business information so that we can authorise you as a domain and Workspace owner. 

After thatyou will be asked to create a first userYou’ll use this username to sign in to your Google Workspace account and create an email address for business 

Remember this email and password to continue setting up Google WorkspaceThen click on the â€śCreate Workspace” button. 

That’s it! Your Workspace is ready! You can use your new business email to log into your Google Workspace. If you want to add more users and join them into groups, please read our article on this topic.  â€śHow to add a user”

Contact our support manager if you have any questions on how to get a trial subscription.