How can I upload the documents? 

Once you are logged in, press the INBOX button at the top right corner of your web browser.  

You will be asked to choose the document type. We can handle invoices, receipts, bank and credit card statements for now. Press on any of the document types to proceed. 

Please note: Referring to the document, we mean only one invoice, receipt, bank, or credit card statement. 

Once the document type is selected, you will be able to upload your documents in one of the following ways: 

Press the Browser link  

  • You will see the standard file browser window  
  • Select the files(s) you would like to upload 
  • You can select multiple files by holding Command button (for Mac users) or Control button (for Windows users). Please note that only supported file formats will be available for selections. It is not possible to upload folders for the time being. You can check here [linkfor more details 
  • Once all the required files are selected, please press Open button 

Use the Drag & Drop  

  • Select the file(s) in your file browser window 
  • Drag the file(s) to the centre of our website and release; 


+ Add Files Button 

  • This button will be available on the bottom right corner of the website once you have uploaded at least one file. 
  • By pressing the +Add Files button, you will be prompted to a file browser window just like with the Browser link.