Payment methodHow to create or change your payment method 

Happy to see your interest in our products. In this information box, we'll cover all vital information according to the payment method. 

How to add the needed payment method? 

After the selection of your subscription plan, you'll see a pop-up that will ask you to enter your payment details.  

Please, fill in the required fields that include your name, card, and billing address details.  


Once you do that, press the "Next" button and you'll be transferred to the Purchase screen. 

How to change your payment method? 

To change your payment method, please, go to the "Profile" section and find the "Payment method" field. 

Clicking on the "Change" button will transfer you to the field, where you can create another payment method. Just fill in the required fields and continue your use by pressing "Update". 


Any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!