How do I send the documents for recognition? 


Once you have added the documents, please review the list of your Uploads to see that all the files were successfully uploaded. If you encounter an error or your session was interrupted during the upload process, please check the following steps [link] to resolve the problem. 


Press the Submit button in the bottom of the List to send the document(s) for recognition.  

Your documents will run through our AI model that will try to identify and extract important information from the document you have submitted. Our team will further verify the results and adjust if necessary.  

We are actively working to improve the recognition accuracy as well as the recognition speed. For the time being you might encounter a delay before you can see the recognition results.  

As soon as we have processed your uploaded batch of files, we will send you an email. For more information, please follow this [link] 

You can always check the status of the recognition and download the results in My Documents section. For more information, please follow this [link]