How to use the Cart? 

 On our page, you can subscribe to the next tools: 

  • INBOX – a tool for document procession that extracts the main information for your accounting and organizes it in tables. 
  •  Legal Start – a tool for creating legal documents using professionally made templates. 
  • Workspace Starter – a single platform for managing the work of your team, cooperating, having video meetings, etc.  
  • Wix Unlimited/Wix Business Basic – a website-building tool. 

Or you can also take the bundle of the INBOX, Legal Start, and Workspace Starter once you decide to choose a BIG Start Bundle solution. 

Once you click on the "Products" button, you'll be able to look through the offers, read the features, and choose the one that will cover your needs. 



As soon as you've made a choice and added at least one product to the cart, you will see that the "Cart" button becomes activated. Click on it to see the products and proceed with the payment .  


Please note: 

1. You can choose either a monthly or yearly subscription. The second one will save you up to 30%; 

2. Once you decide to make your first purchase, you will have the option of getting a trial subscription for 30 days: 

  • INBOX – the opportunity to process 30 documents; 
  • Legal Start – the opportunity to create 1 legal document; 
  • Workspace Starter – the opportunity to manage your team from one place. 

Any questions? Contact us and we’ll help you as soon as possible!