What does the report look like for Invoices? 

As soon as we extract the information from your invoice(s), you will get the report with recognized data and organized files. The report will contain the following:  

  • Payment details: here you will find the information to execute the payment. It includes banking details, due dates, payment currency, and the amounts due. There will be also a QR payment information, but this option is available only for Switzerland; 
  • Counter-party contact details: we will extract the necessary data to identify your supplier(s). It includes their business name, address, contact information & VAT registration number; 
  • Accounting data: you’ll find here the information that we can identify for your accounting purposes. It includes the invoice’s amount, its reference, applicable VAT rates, and values. Depending on your accounting system, we can also implement account attribution that will be based on the counterparty or article in the invoice; 
  • Other generic information may include client IDand general description, and more. If you want to access the breakdown of invoice lines, you can do that via the API. Thanks to it you will find individual article names, product codes, quantities, unit prices, etc.  

Here is an example of what you will get. [SCREEN]