How to sign up 

Welcome to AdminTechHere is a short guide on how to sign up and start using our servicesFollow these steps to ease your document creation process! 

Step 1: Once you decide to use our services, you should click on the "Sign In" button placed at the top right corner. In a second you'll see a pop-up that will ask you to fill in your login and password. 


Step 2: If you haven't created your account yet, press the "Sign up now" button and you will be automatically transferred to the "Create your account" page. 


Step 3: To create your account, you should fill in the "Email" field and click on "Register". Or you can also sign up with a third-party application: Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn. ["Sign up with a third-party application" should be with the link to the article "How to sign up with the third party?"]. 

Step 4: As soon as you enter your email, we'll send you a code that you should confirm.



Step 5: If the code is correct, you will find yourself on the "Create Account" screen, where you'll be asked to fill in the required fields that include your first and last name. Once you do that, please create and confirm your password.  


Please note: Your password should follow the rules: 

  • Be at least 8 characters long 
  • Include an uppercase letter  
  • Include a lowercase letter  
  • Include at least one number  
  • Include a special character  

We also ask you to accept our Privacy Policy & General Conditionsso please read them and tick this field. 

Then press the "Start" button 

Here you are! You have signed up and now can use our servicesAny questions

We are always here to assist you!