Data security  

We are constantly working on security measures by supplying our services with modern tools that can guarantee your safety. In this information box, we want to share with you some details on how we care about your data privacy. 

Collection of personal information 

We collect personal information that you use during the registration process. This includes your name, surname, e-mail address, physical address, and phone number. All the details that you provide in those fields are stored in our database for identification. For keeping such data, we use Google Data Centers. 

You can also be sure about payment information security as these details are stored using Stripe's official libraries. Its infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate hosting environment. So, neither Stripe nor our websites can access your payment details.  

Data transfer security  

We can assure you that there won't be any security issues during the data transfer process as we use Transport Layer Security. This cryptographic protocol encrypts data sent over the Internet, protecting it from hackers and ensuring that your private information won't be seen. 

Issue management  

Considering the importance of customer support, we've decided to use FreshDesk which helps us to create a convenient environment for our clients and support managers. Thanks to it we can solve issues more effectively. 

Data storage security  

Your data at rest is encrypted at the storage system layer and storage device level, by default, using separate keys, generated with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, AES-256. 

If you need more information about your data security, contact us and we'll provide you with all necessary details.